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Terms and Conditions

1. Franchisees will either appointed directly by SGBC India Hub with appropriate approval from SGBC. There is no contract period or a registration fee for becoming an agent with SGBC.
2. You become a registered Franchisees with SGBC as soon as you accept the terms and conditions and deposit a minimum amount of Rs.1500 in your E -wallet. The amount you deposit in E-wallet is not a charge or a fees that you pay to SGBC but it is an amount that you prepay to start and run the business transactions.
3. All Money transactions between a Franchisees and SGBC will happen only through E-wallet.
4. SGBC does not restrict its Franchisees to work from a specific location. You can operate and do business anywhere from India.
5. SGBC will provide initial training to the Franchisees, so that the Franchisees can successfully operate the Franchisees.
6. SGBC will regularly monitor and audit the Franchisees to ensure that quality standards are met.
7. SGBC will provide ad hoc advice where the Franchisees encounters operational problems that they are unable to overcome misses.
8. SGBC will provide the Agency with know how, advice and guidance relating to the Business.
9. SGBC will supply printed material when required.
10. Franchisees should operate the Business in accordance with the Operations Manual.
11. Franchisees should use best endeavors to promote and extend the Business.
12. Franchisees should enhance and promote the intellectual property, goodwill and reputation of SGBC at all times.
13. The Franchisees will maximize efforts to develop the Franchisees and maintain the image, identity and reputation of SGBC.
14. Franchisees should not collect or should not entertain the Customer to post any illegal, defamatory, obscene, indecent, or otherwise offending material in form of images, videos, texts or any other formats. SGBC will initiate legal action if there is a breach in this agreement.
15. Franchisees should ensure items posted by the Customers are legal, non-infringing, decent, honest and truthful and that complies with the current Indian Legislation.
16. SGBC does not accept any type of credit terms.
17. Franchisees should not do business with their Customer on credit terms. SGBC will not be responsible and not liable for issue that arises between the customer and Franchisees related to credit terms.
18. Franchisees should do business only based on the price list given by SGBC. No extra money should be collected from the Customer. SGBC will initiate legal action if there is a breach in this agreement.
19. Customer's information should be kept confidential. Franchisees should not mishandle Customer information. Mishandling of information include, sharing Customer information with a third party website or any individual. SGBC will initiate legal action for any issues related to Customer information security.
20. Any Financial fraud in the name of SGBC will not be tolerated. SGBC will terminate the agreement with the Franchisees immediately in such cases and a legal action will be initiated on the Franchisees.
21. While recharging the Ewallet, the Franchisees should ensure he captures the remittance details appropriately. SGBC will not be liable if the Franchisees deposits money into an incorrect account.
22. If the Franchisees is found supplying materially false or misleading information then SGBC will initiate legal action on the Franchisees.
23. Failing to actively operate the SGBC Franchise for 3 consecutive months or more will be considered as abandoning the Franchisee (i.e.) Franchisee does not intend to continue to operate the business. On such happenings, SGBC will immediately terminate the Franchise agreement.
24. If SGBC sees or suspects, fraud or misconduct of a franchisee, it can immediately terminate the agreement without any prior notification.
25. SGBC will terminate agreement, if franchisee fails to comply with any of the requirements imposed upon it by this Agreement and the Operating Manual, or other such operational memoranda issued by franchisor, or uses bad faith in carrying out the terms of the franchise.

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